I graduated from Udacity's MWS Nanodegree Program.

Over the next few days, I'll be blogging about that experience

Somewhere in my internet travels, or maybe my email, I got the opportunity to apply for a Udacity nano-degree scholarship.  I had seen the program years ago and I was meh.  Having been through the scholarship with the extra support, I'm thinking it could be a good choice for a lot of people.  We have people in the group who have gotten jobs or have changed their current job for the better.

I don't think it is a replacement for a CS degree, but if you are already degreed or your skills need brushing up, this gives you a portfolio and official sign off on learning.

At the same time, the course material needs updating. There are plenty of resources on the net, and there are walk throughs.  

It is a major time suck.  I know I spent more than the recommended 10 hours a week.


Another reason to love Typepad, SixApart, and Twitter

I was testing posting from Facebook and got some duplicates, put in a help ticket to Typepad, and a few minutes later got a DM telling I could delete the mess, this people, is why I use Typepad.  I can find a bug, and I don't have to squash it!

Then I can come to my blog and post!  And not be a programmer.

And I actually think the reason I got no posts to Facebook is that this blog doesn't have Facebook as a "Share this Post", and I unlinked my Tweets from Facebook.  Don't worry, that might not be English.

Want to try Typepad?

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