Udacity Scholarship

Udacity - Grow with Google Scholarship

Earlier this year, I won a scholarship to study Mobile Web Applications on the Udacity site.  There were 10,000 scholarships awarded, and there was an opportunity to complete and be selected for Phase 2.  

I won that scholarship also.  

I choose mobile web design because I feel that track is the most flexible.  It's also the most useful in my current life.

I do the website for a non-profit, have done websites for others and believe in the power of mobile websites.

The first phase required us to be active in the community and complete the assignments.  That meant projects for the other strands: Android and IOS especially.

We have access to a mentor, the community of learners -- 1000 recipients for each strand were selected, Udacity staff, and project coaches.  

I've learned a lot, and have successfully submitted my first project.  There are two more before the scholarship period ends next October.

I was selected to be student learner which has been fun.  I've hosted a AMA already, and have helped organize one face-to-face meet up so far.