Current Status

Really Good Place!

I’m in a really good place teaching on line right now.

I still have some week where I only work about 5 hours.  But lately I’ve been seeing more weeks when I work over 10 hours.  I am not allowed to work over 29 1/2 hours a week and that has only happened once or twice.

This also means I don’t have to mystery shop unless I want to.  Smile

I am also teaching a new course.  The second one I helped create.

Still unstuck :-)

Which is a great thing.  I’ve slowed down on my rate of doing things, but I think that’s is helping my unstuck status.

So the new version of the American Beagle Relief Fund website is up and running.

I’ve made some updates to a business website I maintain (I need to charge her).  I also need to set up her domains in her name so she’s responsible for the billing.

I’ve also made some updates to a second business website that I converted to Wordpress from FrontPage.   Which reminds me, I need to write a tutorial for her for changing her email address.  -- my next task.

Best of all, I’ve gone back to helping support Open Live Writer.  I’ve been testing the Pull Requests – and this post was done with one.

I also need to update my personal websites.

My day job is also going well – working part time for Johns Hopkins.  I had a slow week or two this summer but that’s picking up again.


Was talking with an acquitance and updated him on my status and told him I was retiring.

“No! You are too young to retire”

So when I replied, “I’m semi-retired, I still teach but part time, I still work on programming projects but on my own schedule and my own choice” he was cool with that.

Which is fine, because I’m way cool over that!

And yes, I’m testing OpenLiveWriter.

Testing OpenLive Writer

So in the future I will be doing a lot of test posts.  I’ll try to say something like that in the title and delete the post.

I’m enjoying contributing to an Open Source project.  At this point, I’m primarily checking other people’s work, like today and looking for bugs.  I’ve found a few typos in documentation and some missing web pages.  I’m also trying to develop a good test plan and write documentation for that.

Right now, I’m making sure that new code hasn’t broken anything so there are some random things in the rest of the post.

Making Progress

In a hurry because I have a yoga class soon, but I mananged to review GIT yesterday enough so that I could clone Open Live Writer and run it from my own computer.

I’ve also been keeping up with all of the fixes so far.

Blogging from my personal copy of Open Live Writer.

Except I got an error when I posted this.  But it posted it fine.

Doing more with semi-retirement

Today is a bit backward since none of the yoga studios near me have a class I want to take until 12:15.  

Of course, I’ve done Johns Hopkins work – finished a student, sent out progress reports and set up things for new students.

Some light IT things – going through Open Live Writer documation, updated my license for Visual Studio 2015 and looking at git.  It’s been awhile and the only things I ever did with git was to clone someone else’s work.

I am hoping to get into more of the Open Live Writer since obviously it’s a tool I love.

Not doing the FOSS Outreach for Woman Intership

However, it is still accomplishing its task.  I got all excited about it last week and started jumping through the hoops.  Fun hoops to jump through by the way.  I didn’t realize until today that it was a “full time job” and I already have one.

So how I am going to go back and work through the hoops slowly, making sure I haven’t missed a step in my rush, and I am going to continue to work on Python/Windows bugs.

So they got a woman interested in FOSS, and Python got someone interested in putting out Windows bugs.  And they got another person who was curious about Python more interested it.

And the next time I get asked “what is your favorite programming language”, I’ll still say: what do you want me to do?

I might even pick COBOL.

Updating my Skills

Like all springs, I have some extra time – this spring, more than most. 

Curriculum and lesson plans are written for the year, can't work on next year until new staff development and requirements by others are written.  Students take longer to do assignments and there is more time between questions.

I’ve been looking to fill some of it, and to expand my ability.  I experimented with free lancing, and so far have found that very unsatisfying.  The things I feel capable of doing either feel like a scam, or the person isn’t interested in hiring me.  Same thing is happening with tutoring. 

What has been satisfying is working on Python.  Oddly, it isn’t a language I have done much with, though I’ve seen it at some workshops – computational media for example.  And I’ve played with it on Code Academy but haven’t seen much of it to be of use yet.

I’ve only been working on the project for two days, but everyone has been extremely helpful and I have started working in an area that I am comfortable – Windows and documentation.

Right now, I’m going through all the Windows docs, have added what I think is missing.

It’s been a real stretch for me, and I’ve learned a ton, just in the two days.  I also think I will be working on this or other FOSS projects for a while.  It’s very satisfying work.  In fact, it gives me a bit of the feeling I got when I went to Grace Hopper.