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Still teaching for Johns Hopkins University

We have expanded, and now have a group of supervisors.  Since I've never had a supervisory role, I'm still "just" an instructor.  But I am the person they use when they need to replace an instructor.  Partly because I teach so many courses, and partly I am so flexible.  That means I will get all the students from an instructor who leaves us (happened twice), or I get students who have issues with another instructor.

By the way, I occasionally have to give up a student because we don't get along.  Hasn't happened in a few years now, but no everyone meshes well.

I don't get a lot of Advanced Scratch these days, I don't think we get as many students for that course as we used to.

I do get a lot of Python students.  We start that in third grade.  We have two courses, one for third to fifth graders, one for six grade to ninth.  

I am now teaching the entire Web Design series -- Introduction to Web Design, Advanced Web Design, which is more CSS than not, and Interactive Web Design with JavaScript.

I still REALLY enjoy it, though the last two years has been very intense.  


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