I spent a few months working / teaching again
Still teaching for Johns Hopkins University

Always get everything in writing and I don't recommend boot camps.

When I took the job, it was supposed to be part time, and I was supposed to be training other trainers.

A couple of weeks in, we got a new person in charge of instructors and that didn’t fit with him plans.

He pushed at me to be a regular instructor and be full time, but at the end of each day, I couldn’t see out of my right eye and my weight loss stalled.

There is a reason to have junior college and college programs to teach technology.

Learning technology for the first time takes a lot of time of reflection.  5 1/2 months - 40 hours a week is too intense both for students and for instructors.

It doesn’t allow enough time for homework or reflection.  It also doesn’t allow instructors enough reflection and adaption time.

I don’t recommend boot camps for either the instructor or for the student.  Especially after living it for a few months.


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