My MiniHome Pod came
Always get everything in writing and I don't recommend boot camps.

I spent a few months working / teaching again

 I'm currently in the process of scrubbing my social media -- just unpublished all the related blog posts and already removed everything from LinkedIn.

It was an interesting little side journey and it made me realize just how good I have it.  A part-time job I love and can do anywhere.   My family. My dogs.

I'm returning to retirement and won't try anywhere else again.

If the job had been what had been promised -- working remotely and teaching both students and instructors I would still be there.  I wasn't supposed to work in the office.  I was working with a junior instructor and was supposed to be teaching him.  Would have been nice if he had been told that -- but I'm guessing that he hadn't been told that.    We were all told we were going back to the office last Monday -- and we were to return that week.

I wish them all good luck.  They need it.


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