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I think I’m happy but ….

I ordered the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Apple Store App showed that I was scheduled to pick it up, turn in the old phone, and get the new phone set up —> just like before Covid.

I got there a few minutes before my appointment time, and there were no lines.  I wanted until just before, which was fine, since I got waited on exactly at my appointment time.

First problem, they weren’t prepared for me to do the trade in.  Now, I have had bad problems with the third party Apple uses, but no issues with trading in at the store, so I insisted.  Also, didn’t want to get stuck with both phones.

They got me a specialist but they wouldn’t help me set up the phone.  Didn’t even want me to open the box.  I should have stayed at the mall, but I doubt I would have gotten back in BUT the phone wasn’t activated.

I tried Apple support first, and the specialist was completely clueless.  Didn’t even have a proper script.

It had a SIM, but it wouldn’t connect to AT&T.  Worse yet, it took two technical support sessions to get it connected.  

Now, it’s not showing I have Apple Care Plus though the invoice clearly shows I do.

ARGH!  Waiting for an Apple Specialist again.



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