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February 2020

What does it take to put a website on the internet

It takes two things to put a website on the internet.

The first, is a domain name.  I have and I have it hosted at  I briefly recommended them, when they were supporting non-profits.  Unfortunately the non-profits bit the hand that fed them and they quit.

Most web hosts will help you with that.  

The second, is a place to put your web files.  I really like right now.  They have been hosting non-profit  websites for free and they have a really good special.  Almost good enough for me to use them, myself.

Customer service is great.

They will give you a login: username and password.  

More confidence in Go Fund Me

I had zero confidence in Go Fund Me.  I went out to their website in the early days and had no confidence.

I’ve had a recent experience where a third party had set up a go fund me for someone else.  With further investigation I determined that the third party didn’t have all the facts and the first party was not completely candid.

I am getting my donation back and GoFundMe is investigating the matter, so they say.

It will be very interesting to see how this pans out.