It shouldn't take a degree in C.S. to use an app
As technology improves service is getting better - Walmart!

What good is a degree?

This comes up in discussions a lot when you are an educator and especially in technology where a lot of people are self-taught.

The biggest thing a degree gives you if proof that you can accomplish a long term project - a bachelor's degree typically takes 4 years - with an arbitrary set of rules that can change.  It also shows your potential employer how well you can follow the rules.  If you get a bachelor's degree in 4 years vs. 5 years, for example.  Now there are good exceptions to the 4 year thing -- if you show that you were supporting a family while getting that degree that can be impressive.

Having the degree means a lot if an employer is looking for someone that is going to be a team member for multiple years.  I was hired by Texas Instruments as someone they wanted to invest time and energy into.  I spent a lot of time learning the next thing working there.

A degree isn't necessary for contract work, but that employer is not looking for a long term employee -- they are looking for someone who has a specific set of skills, and they are not investing training, etc.  You come in, you do the thing and you are out.  I've done that too.

So the answer is: do you want to have a long term career with a company and grow with it, or do you just want to come in and do a job?


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