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It shouldn't take a degree in C.S. to use an app

I am opposed to using a credit card at a gas pump.  I'm fairly sure my identity has been stolen at one at least once in my life.  Also at a hotel in west Fort Worth, and at a Chili's in North Dallas.

I got spoiled on my trip to Boston, all the pumps took Apple Pay.

The easiest gas station for me to use (across from my gym), is one I worry about have card skimmers.  I've been working hard to find pumps that take Apple Pay.  Thought the Chevron did near the house, and while it has the symbol, I couldn't get it to work.

Today I tried to use the "new" Exxon/Mobile + app.  Supposedly it works with Apple Pay and supposedly it works with credit cards, but not today at that station.  I ended up sitting down and reading it in my car before I pumped gas to get it to work at all --> collect points.

So I still had to run my card through the reader to get it to work.  It honestly should say in advance if it isn't going to work.

One the other hand, the McDonald's app worked flawlessly this morning in Cleburn, Texas.  So I have that.


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