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As technology improves service is getting better - Walmart!

Years ago, I ordered something from Walmart and chose order pickup.  Horrible experience, couldn’t find the order pickup, the employees couldn’t find the items for the longest time, just a mess.  Didn’t do it again.

I needed a large item and didn’t really wanted it delivered to the house, especially if they sent the wrong thing.  So I did the order pickup thing.

This time, it was heads above different.  This time, I got a text message inviting me to check in, in advance.  I did.  I got to the start on Friday morning, expecting it to be quiet and the parking lot was full.  There were three people in line in front of me.  I stood there maybe 30 seconds when a smiling employee came out and ask me if I was there for order pickup (the other three were men).  They even asked if I wanted help out!!!!

I asked if they would open the box for me as I wanted to check I got what I ordered — I did.  I asked if they would keep the packing materials.  They did, and it was a win win for all.

Love the use of technology.


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