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I now advocate AGAINST using Tile

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Tile.

I used to products that always work.  I got addicted to Nokia's BlueTooth trackers, which yes, always worked.  The tile app/website seemed professional done and I got some good help at the beginning.

My latest problems is making me look for another solution.  Throughout my time using tiles, they have become lost before they expired -- I assume they just stop working -- and Tile has replaced them.

I was even running the Beta app for quite a while and troubleshooting it.

No longer.

I had a tile stop working, I put in a ticket, and after dealing with about 8 people in the support chain, and even one on chat.  The chat one was worse as he decided that I had the tile in hand and it wouldn't work, and I couldn't convince him I couldn't physically find it.

I was offered -- get this -- 20% off my next purchase on a Tile that had been activated in June.