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Things are going really well career wise! I added mentoring to Udacity.

I have been working with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth for over 4 years now, and have loved it.  I really like working with those students.  The only drawback is that I am limited to 27 hours a week and I'm limited by enrollment.  This is a slow time of year and I'm doing about 10 hours a week.

Recently I was approached by Udacity to be an independent contractor.  I have been working with them since March and I really enjoy it.  

In May, Udacity changed their business model --> now you can sign up and get started as soon as you want.  Before they worked in cohorts, and you might have to wait a month to get started.  They've also changed the mentorship model.  They assign students to mentors, which I am one.  You get one 1:1 session a week, can you can ask be questions through there student hub.  I login a few days each day to check in on my students.

If you are interested, and use this link, we both get $50 off a course, and I have a few I want to try.


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