I graduated from Udacity's MWS Nanodegree Program.
MWS - Webpack -- Creating a new Mobile website

So what is a Mobile Web Specialist?

The Udacity course had us take a regular web site and turn it into a mobile web site.  Those are also called progressive web apps.

The point is that the web site is available both on and off line, that it works on any device from old cell phones and computers to the latest and greatest in smart phones, tablets, and computers.

The philosophy is mobile first, as if it will work on an old phone with a small screen and memory it will work anywhere.  The site is cached to make it run faster, and the data is stored on the device as much as possible.

It's already making me a better web design teacher, and I think it will help with the non-profit and not for profits I work with.

I personally believe in designing for mobile, and that mobile web apps are more flexible than apps written for the phone.  In fact, my Window phone would still work on a mobile web app.


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