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JavaScript makes me crazy....

I'm working on the Nano Degree from Udacity for Mobile Web Specialist.  I know exactly what needs to be done.

I need to display whether or not a restaurant is a favorite.  After two days of struggling I get it to work.  Seriously, all I need to do is retrieve a restaurant by id and display a value based on true or false.  It shouldn't take two days to figure out the code for that.

It shouldn't take me forever to figure out how to do a POST to the web site to change the value.

Path to Success

Saw something neat on facebook today and it was the path that someone took to be a success from KFC to RN.

Well, I didn't save my name tags, but:

first job was candy stripping



-- got smart and found out I'd make double at a grocery store and not come home greasy - Jitney Jungle

Air Force ROTC & Kelly Girl & Tutor (to pay for college)

Mississippi Chemical

Texas Instruments

Dallas ISD

Johns Hopkins University

Personally I think it been pretty cool.



Status up


I have GOT to start blogging regularly again.  Especially since I have some fun things going on.

In the technology world, my teaching schedule has been the best ever.  I almost always do more than 10 hours a week, and hit 20 hours a lot.  Most of the students are fun to teach, but every once in a while I get one that wants to manipulate the system.

My favorites are the ones who want a one-on-one session and then expect me to their assignment.

I'm taking a Udacity course.  It was a scholarship.  Back in January, I filled out a form (I love filling out forms), and got a chance to compete for the scholarship which I won.  I'm still not sure how, because part of it was communicating with the group and I stop when a male student shot me down.  I'm getting better at dealing with that.

The course is on mobile web development which was a great choice.  We are writing a restaurant review site.  I've been consisting finishing projects a month in advance and I'm a student leader.  This afternoon we're having a study jam and I'm going to be online for two hours helping my fellow students.

I'm on the last part, and just about got it working the way the second part did.  Each part, they change the way the server behaves and we had to change the program to match.  This time we get the data differently than we did Part 2.  I've always started out by getting the web site to function again first.  Later on today, I'm going to focus on getting the first new feature to work.

I've got some ideas for mobile web sites and will soon start trying to implement them.  I'm also trying to figure out how to use this one.