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The end of an era -- maybe

I have always had a desktop PC -- set up for me to remote into.

The last was a huge Lenovo beast that I really liked, but it finally died.  I took the hard drive out today and I took it to the city electronics dump.

Right now, I have a mac mini in it's place, but I don't think I'll replace it.  I haven't used it that much any way.

Funny how times have changed but I have been slowly moving most of its functioning to the cloud and I haven't worked at a desk for long periods of time in ages.  I prefer working on the sofa.

Career Thoughts Towards the End -- Maybe

I am not ruling out another career -- I am in my late 50's but I am drawing retirement pay and am teaching part time.  Most of the time I enjoy my life and I have time to explore some fun things.  Last year, I got a championship on a dog.  Currently I am learning more about mobile app development through a Grow with Google Scholarship Udacity Nanodegree Scholarship and I am a student leader.


I spent my first years getting there -- working in tech in high school, getting scholarships, getting through college and getting established.  

I worked for over 10 years for Texas Instruments and I was a very cool job, first with GSI and then with Equipment Group but it was a struggle being a woman.

I had a over 25 year career as a teacher -- won lots of awards and loved my students -- the pinnacle being my STEM award -- TI Foundation inducts first ten teachers into STEM Academy as fellows - and my first Robotics team being asked to compete at state competition.

I even went back into industry working on a mobile payment app.  That was a contract gig.

I've got lots to offer career advice wise and happy to help.