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Loving the Apple Experience

It’s weird.

I was anti-Apple for years.  But I was anti-Microsoft for time too.

Right now, I’m on a MacBook Pro, using Open Live Writer, and posting on my Blog.  I’m running Parallels on a free Microsoft trial.

But here is why I am liking Apple.  Their stuff works and lasts a long time.

I have a Macbook, 12 inch in Rose gold.  I absolute love it.  I can tuck in a bag, prop it up on an exercise bike, and work anywhere. 

The keyboard went out on it a few weeks ago.  I dropped it off at an Apple store and it was back with a brand new keyboard two days later.  I haven’t gotten that from any other company, even the Microsoft Store.  It’ lighter and easier to carry than the Microsoft Surface.  Running JavaScript stuff is a breeze.  I’ve been taking a Mobile Web course on a Google scholarship, and doing all the development stuff has been so much easier.

It all started with a iPhone – I couldn’t stand any of the Android phones and I’ve had my hands on a lot of them.  Samsung, LG, all the major brands and some cheap ones.  I have loved my iPhones and I have the annual upgrade. 


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