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April 2018

Just got a Great Email

It’s my second one …..

imageThe first one came earlier this year and was lost in my email.  It was for the competition that led to this actual NanoDegree scholarship for Udacity Mobile Web Development.  I started about 3 weeks behind, had several weeks I was just stuck but still managed to finish a month early.

I signed up for mobile web development because I really like that is the future.  If you do things mobile web, it should work on any device.

Looking forward to it.  It’s a $1200 scholarship with great learning support.

Really Good Place!

I’m in a really good place teaching on line right now.

I still have some week where I only work about 5 hours.  But lately I’ve been seeing more weeks when I work over 10 hours.  I am not allowed to work over 29 1/2 hours a week and that has only happened once or twice.

This also means I don’t have to mystery shop unless I want to.  Smile

I am also teaching a new course.  The second one I helped create.

Loving the Apple Experience

It’s weird.

I was anti-Apple for years.  But I was anti-Microsoft for time too.

Right now, I’m on a MacBook Pro, using Open Live Writer, and posting on my Blog.  I’m running Parallels on a free Microsoft trial.

But here is why I am liking Apple.  Their stuff works and lasts a long time.

I have a Macbook, 12 inch in Rose gold.  I absolute love it.  I can tuck in a bag, prop it up on an exercise bike, and work anywhere. 

The keyboard went out on it a few weeks ago.  I dropped it off at an Apple store and it was back with a brand new keyboard two days later.  I haven’t gotten that from any other company, even the Microsoft Store.  It’ lighter and easier to carry than the Microsoft Surface.  Running JavaScript stuff is a breeze.  I’ve been taking a Mobile Web course on a Google scholarship, and doing all the development stuff has been so much easier.

It all started with a iPhone – I couldn’t stand any of the Android phones and I’ve had my hands on a lot of them.  Samsung, LG, all the major brands and some cheap ones.  I have loved my iPhones and I have the annual upgrade.