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FED-EX joys

I was expecting a FedEx delivery of a hard drive from Apple (cute drive, but haven't tried it yet).

I'm working at home, and I get an email saying it's delivered, so of course, I stop what I am doing to go get it.  It's not there!!!!!!

So I go look at the tracking, yep, it shows delivered.  Still not there.  So I look for the FedEx phone number, can't find it but get a virtual chat agent who eventually connects me with a human. I think.

Any way, while I'm waiting I fire up my security cameras, and nope, no truck has come by the house.

About the time I get through the playback, I hear a thud, and look out and a FedEx truck is driving by.  Yep, idiot driver marked he had delivered it 25 minutes before he did.  Didn't bother to ring the bell, and left the package where it couldn't be seen by the camera.

Argh!  We live by a park.  

Here's the chat transcript:

Chat Started: Friday, March 23, 2018, 11:12:38 (-0500)Chat Origin: VA US DOMAgent Christine B( 1s ) Christine B: Hello, Kathleen. Thank you for visiting I will be happy to assist you.
( 35s ) Kathleen: I just got an email saying my package was delivered and it isn’t here.
( 1m 28s ) Christine B: Hello Kathleen. I'm sorry to know that you haven't received your package even if it shows delivered already but I'll be more than happy to help you with this.
( 1m 33s ) Christine B: To be sure, are you from the recipient side? Then, can you please provide me your tracking number?
( 1m 47s ) Kathleen: 432571988304
( 2m 6s ) Kathleen: I am the recipent.
( 2m 18s ) Kathleen: I am checking my security camera now
( 2m 40s ) Christine B: Thanks. May I have the complete delivery address of the package please?
( 3m 20s ) Kathleen: Address deleted
( 3m 34s ) Kathleen: Address delete
( 5m 18s ) Christine B: Thank you, yes, our records indicate that this package has been delivered March 23, 2018 at exactly 11:02 am and was left at the front door on the address you provided.
( 5m 34s ) Christine B: Truly sorry that the package is still not received. Allow me to send a message to the facility about this incident for them to do further investigation. To proceed, may I have your phone number?
( 5m 38s ) Christine B: Also, can you give me a short description or the content of the package, your email address and the shipper's name please?
( 5m 39s ) Kathleen: It was not.
( 6m 16s ) Kathleen: I was here. The door bell was not ring and the dogs did not bark.
( 7m 13s ) Kathleen: I am playing my cameras now.
( 8m 53s ) Kathleen: The shipper was Apple
( 9m 31s ) Kathleen: It should have been in a small box. It was a hard drive.
( 10m 25s ) Christine B: Thanks.
( 11m 52s ) Kathleen: I am looking at 4’different cameras
( 13m 32s ) Christine B: Is xxxxxxxxxx your best phone number to reach you at?
( 14m 34s ) Kathleen: No one was here at 11:00 -
( 14m 37s ) Kathleen: Yes.
( 14m 49s ) Kathleen: xxxxxxxxxx is correct.
( 15m 37s ) Christine B: No worries! I sent the message to our facility and your case ID is 0323834995. Please be advise that our trace team will call within two hours. Rest assured that our trace team will call you regarding this package and give you the updated status of the investigation. Thank you so much for your patience!
( 15m 42s ) Christine B: Truly sorry that this happened to your package but is there anything else that I can clarify or help you with ?
( 16m 16s ) Kathleen: It was just delivered. And again the door bell was not rung.
( 16m 47s ) Kathleen: I was 3 feet from where he left it.
( 17m 25s ) Christine B: Great.
( 17m 29s ) Christine B: I ma glad you already have it,
( 17m 43s ) Christine B: Let me cancel this trace.
( 17m 45s ) Kathleen: Your driver needs some assistance.
( 18m 30s ) Kathleen: It should not be marked as delivered until it is delivered.
( 18m 55s ) Christine B: Sorry about this, let me inform them about it
( 19m 3s ) Kathleen: And he should take the extra steps to put the package under the camera and ring the bell. He did neither.
( 19m 42s ) Kathleen: We live in front of a park. In the future I will attempt to use a different delivery company or have it held when I can’t.
( 20m 8s ) Christine B: nOTED.
( 20m 9s ) Kathleen: It is all on camera.
( 20m 11s ) Christine B: I understand where you are coming from and I'd feel the same if I were in your situation.
( 20m 24s ) Christine B: Would there be anything else I can help you with aside from this?
( 20m 52s ) Kathleen: No. I may be putting this on YouTube
( 21m 18s ) Christine B: Sorry for the short comings. To fully assist you and to ensure you get the proper assistance, please be advised that I will have to transfer you to our Customer Advocate Team or CAT.
Agent Christine B successfully transferred the chat to button T-USA_RS_CAT_EngChat Started: Friday, March 23, 2018, 11:34:07 (-0500)Chat Origin: T-USA_RS_CAT_EngAgent Sara B( 21m 29s ) Sara B: Hello Kathleen. I am Sara and will help you today.
( 21m 40s ) Kathleen: Please relay my complaints.
( 21m 44s ) Sara B: I am going to briefly read your chat transcript, so I can better assist you.
( 21m 47s ) Kathleen: Thank you.
( 22m 30s ) Sara B: I apologize this has happened, I will have an email sent to the station managers to advise of the issue so this can be properly addressed.
( 23m 10s ) Kathleen: Thank you. Unnecessary stress
( 23m 44s ) Sara B: I understand. I am sorry that you had to experience that. Do you have any other concerns toady?
( 24m 13s ) Kathleen: No thank you
( 24m 20s ) Sara B: Thank you for using Chat, Kathleen. We greatly appreciate your business. Please complete the short survey at the end of this chat session. Your feedback is the key to the success of our business and the effectiveness of these sessions. Have a great day!

Fun fun, and the package was delivered a full 25 minutes later than the driver indicated.

Amazing how little technology things make me happy

New truck on January 31, a Tuesday.  On Wednesday I bought what I thought I needed to make my truck work with my ham radio and ended up going two places that couldn’t install it that day.  Well the first couldn’t.  The second could the next day but wanted way more than I wanted to pay.

So I ended up taking everything back.  Oh, on most Wednesdays I drive past Ham Radio Outlet.

This Wednesday I asked them for a recommendation.  Bummer the place was out of business but their tech was still working independently.  He came by and installed the power for me.  I might should have gone with a bumper mount antenna, but the glass mount has been working with my handi-talkie.

Now the glass mount doesn’t have the range that the bumper mount did, but I think I can live with it.

Best part, that is really making me happy?  The control unit fits exactly in the cubby in the console, so I can finally use the touch screen.