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Amazing how little technology things make me happy

New truck on January 31, a Tuesday.  On Wednesday I bought what I thought I needed to make my truck work with my ham radio and ended up going two places that couldn’t install it that day.  Well the first couldn’t.  The second could the next day but wanted way more than I wanted to pay.

So I ended up taking everything back.  Oh, on most Wednesdays I drive past Ham Radio Outlet.

This Wednesday I asked them for a recommendation.  Bummer the place was out of business but their tech was still working independently.  He came by and installed the power for me.  I might should have gone with a bumper mount antenna, but the glass mount has been working with my handi-talkie.

Now the glass mount doesn’t have the range that the bumper mount did, but I think I can live with it.

Best part, that is really making me happy?  The control unit fits exactly in the cubby in the console, so I can finally use the touch screen.


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