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Finally written an iPhone App

I have finally written an iPhone app. It's a fairly useless app, and based on one of the first Windows Phone Apps I wrote and actually published.

I learned how to write mobile apps by going to several workshops put on by Microsoft.  I have had a major writer's/programmer's block when it has come to writing iPhone apps.  

I am most comfortable programming in the Visual Studio environment because I learned it early in its life cycle teaching Visual Basic.  It was not a stretch to go to C#, C++, and then creating Zune/XBox games and Windows Phone apps.

I even taught Java in a Visual Studio look alike IDE.

I approached Swift in several ways -- working with a college friend of mine, doing Swift Playground on the tablet, but I finally bit the bullet and found this set of tutorials:

Now, I have never learned well watching others.  I would have done much better in college if we could have sat in a lab and programmed as we learned, but that wasn't possible in the day.  I have taken courses that way, and it works well, especially if the instructor is slow.

I do best with a book -- these days I use Kindle, but I haven't found the correct book.  I might be bothering a friend of mine about that.  

Swift hasn't been that hard for me.  The CodeWithChris cheat sheets would help.  My problem is drawing the user interface, and right now, it is god awful.  I will be spending the next few days or weeks working on that.

Once I get there, I have some ideas for some truly useful apps.  

It's at