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Update on Technology Boot Camp and Mystery Shopping

So I'm down to the following types of Mystery Shopping:

  • Grocery stores in the very local area - got to go there
  • Gas stations (but absolutely no audits) in the immediate area
  • Shops that are fun and near somewhere I have to go anyway.  I did a jewelry store shop o the way to Jenny Craig this week.  That way I can expense the mileage.
  • Food that pays and is stuff I really like.
  • Web shops -- I have one that has been going on once a month that pays $80.  I've done some others that pay $10 - $15.
  • Phone shops -- those vary.  I'm going an annoying one that pays $15.  You have to call daily.
  • At home shops 
  • Fun stuff that pays a bonus.  Even if a bit of a drive.

May I did $500.  I'm up to $350 this month.  Note: the last week of the month is the most heavily bonused.  

I'm also trying another type of IC job.  It's called InSite Inspections and I've done one.  What I like about this, is there is nothing to memorize and as of the second one, today, I can do it on my tablet and have all the data entry done almost as soon as I finish.  The first one I did on paper and it sucked.  I also made a mistake.

They pay okay, but you have to make a call to the site within 4 hours of accepting the assignment and do it in 48 hours.  So no advanced planning.

As for the technology bootcamp.  There is a Udemy course on Web Design I really like.  It's "The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0" and you can often find a good deal on it.  I'm not a big fan of video courses, but this one is good.  It has exercises so you can practice.

I've made it through his HTML and CSS sections and am working on JavaScript now.  I don't think that the CSS is sufficient, but it's a good start.