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Boot Camp–CSS–Color


The next section is all about color:

It mentions all the different ways to describe color, from key words, to hex code, rbg, and even HLS colors.

Either color or background color can be used:


p {

     color:  green;

     background-color: black;



Note that you need to surround CSS with { and } and delimit by : and ;

; end the css

: splits the selector and the property.


It’s always best to separate everything with white space, and not only makes it more readable, but easier to change.

Boot Camp–CSS–I swear I’m doing this–Applying CSS

Obviously it’s my CSS block that is slowing me down.

There are three ways to apply CSS.  I’m always like doing it backwards, because I think External Stylesheets are the most important.

Every website should have one external style sheet.  It should apply to every page.  Occasionally you might want more than one, but only occasionally.

Internal stylesheets are for when you want one page to look different.  I’m serious about the one page thing.

Inline styles are for when you one to make a one-off change.  Think really hard before you do.  If you ever apply the same change more than once, it shouldn’t be in with the HTML.  Same goes for the inline.