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Boot Camp - HTML - Paragraphs

Excellent tutorial on how to do paragraphs:

And yes, I could rewrite all this myself, but what would be the point?  The first rule of programming is never reinvent the wheel. 

You could do this completely on your own, but the good news, is that I'll respond and tell you what you think.  I'll even make the occasional movie.

How to make a web page with a PC. 



And on the Mac:

Boot Camp - The Practical Side of Things - How to Make Money

Start small.   Create a simple one page website advertising your business.  Put your name in the domain name.  I've got and

Mine are more complicated right now, but you get the idea.

You'll need a credit card.  I hate to say this but use GoDaddy.  They are the easiest to set up.  You can use their web hosting or not.  I personally prefer Microsoft Azure for web hosting, but they don't do domain names.  However, they have easy directions for setting up GoDaddy and it's the easiest.  You can also buy your email from GoDaddy for now, but I prefer using Office 365.  We'll talk about that later.

The GoDaddy website is easy to use, and I need to figure out a way to get them to give me some adverting revenue.  That's one of the next things, but I'm not good at generating revenue.

So that's going to be your first assignment.  Get a domain name.  If you need help on that, ask in the comments.

More on making money.  Years ago, I made a small amount of money by being an Amazon affiliate and recommending books and products.  I haven't made any in recent years and they may be dropped me.

You see those advertisements on Facebook, blogs, and other places?  Those are affiliates.  I've applied to be a GoDaddy affiliate, and once I am, I'll put links here so I can get a commission when you set up a GoDaddy account.  Don't wait on that, because it's probably about $.25 a person if that much.  Yes, I said 25 cents a person.  And they usually don't pay until have a substantial amount of revenue.

I've gotten paid outright to put up an add on my diabetes blog, and they approached me.  But that doesn't happen often.  You do have to become widely popular, more on that.

The "Boot Camp" thing

Last night, late, one of my former students reached out to me via Facebook Chat.  Nice to hear from him, and we had a short conversation.  He is wanting to go back to school but is pretty tied down right now.  So, I mentioned he could learn online and self teach.  Well, I'm taking it a step further, and I'm guiding it.  Anyone is welcome to jump in.  I'm going to find a way to get some advertising dollars out of it, and if you do get some work, it would be nice if you toss some money or work my way.

Here's what you get out of it.  I've taught this stuff for over 25 years.  I tutored when I was in college, and taught in a local school district for 23 years.  I have a master's degree in teaching online and with computers from UNT, and I wrote curriculum for that same school district and it is still in use.  For the past two years I've been teaching web design and computer science for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  I've also written some courses for them.

Here's what I get out of it.  I need a refresher of my technology skills.  I'm more driven to accomplish that if I've helping others.  Just my makeup.  So feel free to play along.  I might take side journeys now and then but I'll be here.

Just comment here if you need help, and we'll find a channel to communicate.    Which ever works for both of our styles. 

You don't even have to play along at the same speed.  You find this two months from now and you want to jump in go for it.

By the way, there are lots of people out there that will be happy to take your money, either now or later.  I don't like the idea of that.  I'm against private colleges, though University of Phoenix seems to do well, and I've known people who teach for them.  If you can sit in a classroom for the equivalent of four years, I recommend a good public university, UTD and UNT are my favorites.  You get a lot out of that, mostly the proof that you can complete a four year project following someone else's guidelines.  There are scholarships out there, even more after you get a semester or two under your belt.

Stay far, far away from the diploma mills.  We've already had a local one shut down and leave people hanging.


Boot Camp–HTML Tutorial Part 2


<!DOCTYPE html>  is important.  It means we are using HTML 5.  There are lots of versions before 5, but don’t worry about them unless you are converting an old html website (not a bad way to pick up some money).  Also, HTML is upwards  compatible.  An old website will always work, if you change it to HTML 5.  You may have to clean it up some, but it will work.

Matching tags is important!  Listen to them.

Nice thing about HTML dog – tutorials are short and sweet.

Boot Camp–HTML Tutorial - Getting Started

They are right.

Doesn’t matter if you have Mac, PC, Linux, or a Chromebook.  Start with a simple text editor, and barebones HTML.

More than once, I’ve been able to fix something with someone else’s computer, out in the field with just those tools.

And more than once, those fancy CODE editors, screwed up my design, and I had to go old school.

Learn old school with old school tools.

I’ll make some other suggestions along the way.

Time for a new Boot Camp, and I hope at least one former student is following along.

Yep, it’s time to refresh technology, and I know a few people who want to learn stuff, at least one former student and a, well, he might be a former student too, as I was paid to tutor him in college.

So, the first assignment is to go through the tutorials at 

Sorry, it’s doggy but can’t help that.

Feel free to discuss in the comments.