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Boot Camp - HTML–Enough to do a personal web page

Now we know enough to make a personal webpage, which is going to be the front page of your portfolio.  Yes, if you are going to work online you need a portfolio showing off your work.  Right now, we’re only going to do the HTML.  We’ll make it pretty when we do the CSS.

To recap, you know enough HTML, to put in a title, headings, paragraphs, lists, links and images.  It will be in black and white, but that’s fine, again, we’ll fix that later.

You’ll want your name, a short bio related to your online business, contact information, a list of other things you’ve worked, with links to the ones that are online.  This is something you’ll update every time you finish a project.

Once you get that done, contact me, and we’ll figure out a way for me to review it for you.  If you have set up the domain, you might even put that there, but I’ll be talking about other places to host and how to do that later.  So far now, you can keep it on your website.

Also, we’re not done learning HTML, it’s that the next lessons probably won’t apply to your website. 

A BIG THING!  Don’t put your email address in the website.  I”ll show you a trick in the new few lessons so you don’t have to have your email address exposed.


By the way, one of the reasons I’m putting the guide online here, is that I’m volunteering to help people self-teach when it comes to coding.  As I learn how to make some money on this (I hope), I’ll share what I learned.

The other reason is for my own accountability.  I’ve found if I keep an online journal on a project, I”m better organized and I actually get it done.


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