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Boot Camp–Making Money–Reviews–Surface 4

Writing good reviews can do two things for you – get some revenue is someone clicks on the link and buys the item or it could get you more items to review.  Many companies do that.

So first thing is going out to the affiliate network that want to advertise through and find the link for the product you want to review.

I’m picking the Surface 4 since I’m using it now.

Here’s the link:

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And here is how it looks on the page.

Love my Surface Pro 4.  This is the exact same model I use, though the price has gone down – I’ve had it for over a year.

Runs Windows 10, which I find easier to use than the early versions of Windows, and even easier than the Mac OS.

Mine came with the Pen. 

It is small, light, and easy to care.  I take it with me when I travel over night and use it for most of my development needs on the road.

I recommend getting a Type Cover.  My favorite is the Signature Type Cover.

It adds very little weight, looks classy, types well and protects your surface.

Please support my efforts and purchase though these links if you need one.


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