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November 2016

Belkin Glass Screen Protectors Work

It was scary.

My phone was laying on a table and one of my dogs knocked the table down. Landed in sand.

When I picked it up it looked dirty and I tried to clean it.  Nope, was almost pierced with glass breakage spider webbing out.

I was sure the phone itself was cracked, especially as I didn’t remember that the screen protector was glass.  Even talked to Apple Support about it, and they had me convinced that the screen was broken.

Friends took a look at it and convinced me it was the screen protector.

Irony:  screen replacement (but limited to two incidents) is $25.00  Replacing the screen protector?  Almost $45.00

Wireless Headphone Issues

When I purchase a wireless headphone that is designed to talk on the phone, I honestly expect that the headphones work both listening and talking without a cable.

Not so, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones. At their price point, I really expect that, and I expect noise blanking.

The good news, is that I didn't purchase them, they came free with my new MacBook.  Of course, having an audio cable was a clue that the microphone wasn't wireless.

Twice I've tried to use them on a call with students and couldn't figure out why they didn't work.  I finally tried to record a movie today, was getting no audio, looked at the manual and still stubbornly thought they would work.  I called support (Apple, no less, answered, they did buy them out).  

The tech and I had a good laugh, agreeing they really should be completely Wireless.  They are at the very least pretty. and I don't really need them to be completely wireless for use with the MacBook.

And yes, if I had paid money for them, they'd have gone back.