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September 2016

Crossing over to the dark side

Oddly enough, privacy is important to me.  At one point I had my Facebook privacy so tight, people couldn't post to me.

I've also been disappointed in the Windows Phone.  I love mobile phone and tablet technology and sadly Windows isn't keeping up.  Plus they are removing apps right and left from the Marketplace.

So several months ago I tried an iPhone, and yes, I like it.  It's a iPhone 6S, and I liked it.  Especially the apps.

However, I couldn't write apps with the tools I had.  Since then, I've been trying out different solutions to the problem.  I have an old MacMini, and even with a memory upgrade, it's slow and hard to use.  I really like a laptop for development.

Remoting in was slow and awkward also.

Tried an old MacBook Pro from Best Buy (open box) and just wasn't happy.  I finally decided on a form factor I liked but went through 3 to find one that worked.   What DOES Best Buy do to their Macs when they are waiting to sell them.

So now I'm writing a book on how to write Apps with Swift.  It's fun, because I'm working with one of my first tutoring students from college.  We're making good progress.  

So now I have an iPhone and a MacBook - the latest one in Rose Gold.  High end, instead of the low end.