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Switched to Jenny Craig

So far, even with shipping, Jenny Craig is more expensive. $180 for a week, versus $140. However, I need the structure.

Doctor's office gave them the go ahead Monday morning. I think they faxed Jenny Craig in the evening but the local office had me sign a statement.

Probably not a bad idea. I went low at a special event. Dulce was alerted and I was ignoring it because it was her dinner time. After the second alert I started paying attention and the lady I was with got me a sweet tea. I was still under the 1700 calories.

We ended up all good. When I checked I was 80 with double arrows on the CGMS and it just started to alert when I checked it. So it was drink some tea and all was good. I let her decide how fast to walk etc after the event.

Anyway I lost two pounds between today and yesterday. Which was better than I was doing on DietToGo. Depending on cost as I learn some structure I will probably go back.


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