Finally Got Unstuck
Mac Experiments

Still unstuck :-)

Which is a great thing.  I’ve slowed down on my rate of doing things, but I think that’s is helping my unstuck status.

So the new version of the American Beagle Relief Fund website is up and running.

I’ve made some updates to a business website I maintain (I need to charge her).  I also need to set up her domains in her name so she’s responsible for the billing.

I’ve also made some updates to a second business website that I converted to Wordpress from FrontPage.   Which reminds me, I need to write a tutorial for her for changing her email address.  -- my next task.

Best of all, I’ve gone back to helping support Open Live Writer.  I’ve been testing the Pull Requests – and this post was done with one.

I also need to update my personal websites.

My day job is also going well – working part time for Johns Hopkins.  I had a slow week or two this summer but that’s picking up again.


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