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Switched to Jenny Craig

So far, even with shipping, Jenny Craig is more expensive. $180 for a week, versus $140. However, I need the structure.

Doctor's office gave them the go ahead Monday morning. I think they faxed Jenny Craig in the evening but the local office had me sign a statement.

Probably not a bad idea. I went low at a special event. Dulce was alerted and I was ignoring it because it was her dinner time. After the second alert I started paying attention and the lady I was with got me a sweet tea. I was still under the 1700 calories.

We ended up all good. When I checked I was 80 with double arrows on the CGMS and it just started to alert when I checked it. So it was drink some tea and all was good. I let her decide how fast to walk etc after the event.

Anyway I lost two pounds between today and yesterday. Which was better than I was doing on DietToGo. Depending on cost as I learn some structure I will probably go back.

Mac Experiments

There is a serious lack of decent hardware in the Mac development world.

I tried an old Mac with a regular hard drive/CD combination and it was just too heavy to deal with.  It went back to Best Buy and I got a Surface 4 instead,.

This time I tried the latest MacBook. The first one came home with a “replace battery now” message.  It went back to Best Buy.

The second one worked until I took it to the Genius Bar.  When the tech ran the diagnostics it died.  It was returned to Best Buy yesterday.

I’m going to try to do iPhone development on my MacMini.  If that works than I will probably upgrade it.  Mine is a few years old.  I think 2010.

Still unstuck :-)

Which is a great thing.  I’ve slowed down on my rate of doing things, but I think that’s is helping my unstuck status.

So the new version of the American Beagle Relief Fund website is up and running.

I’ve made some updates to a business website I maintain (I need to charge her).  I also need to set up her domains in her name so she’s responsible for the billing.

I’ve also made some updates to a second business website that I converted to Wordpress from FrontPage.   Which reminds me, I need to write a tutorial for her for changing her email address.  -- my next task.

Best of all, I’ve gone back to helping support Open Live Writer.  I’ve been testing the Pull Requests – and this post was done with one.

I also need to update my personal websites.

My day job is also going well – working part time for Johns Hopkins.  I had a slow week or two this summer but that’s picking up again.

Finally Got Unstuck

I got stuck a few months ago.

I had been wanting to update the Beagle Rescue Fund site – I wanted it to be modern looking, load fast and work on any device.

I had written a great site using .NET and test hosted it on Azure but then couldn’t get it to work on the GoDaddy site. 

I had a couple of options at that point, which I explored.

First, I tried to get GoDaddy to help – no dice.  I also tried to get Azure to host it but they aren’t doing nonprofits yet.  I did some research but found nothing that could help.

What helped was that the business that I web host and design for moved so I had to modify their site.  That’s done, and was pretty painless.

Stall a bit more and finally bit the bullet.  Instead of using .NET technology, I went to bootstrap.  I also tested on the GoDaddy server as I went and it was working.

And before people think I’ve lost my mind.  Yes, I have hated the advertising that GoDaddy used early in their business career.  They have been trying to improve and have a hosting plan for non-profits.

I also came to the realization that using Bootstrap wasn’t a whole lot different than using .NET 

Waiting for the board to suggest changes before I make it public.  Though the new site is live.