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Still unstuck :-)

Finally Got Unstuck

I got stuck a few months ago.

I had been wanting to update the Beagle Rescue Fund site – I wanted it to be modern looking, load fast and work on any device.

I had written a great site using .NET and test hosted it on Azure but then couldn’t get it to work on the GoDaddy site. 

I had a couple of options at that point, which I explored.

First, I tried to get GoDaddy to help – no dice.  I also tried to get Azure to host it but they aren’t doing nonprofits yet.  I did some research but found nothing that could help.

What helped was that the business that I web host and design for moved so I had to modify their site.  That’s done, and was pretty painless.

Stall a bit more and finally bit the bullet.  Instead of using .NET technology, I went to bootstrap.  I also tested on the GoDaddy server as I went and it was working.

And before people think I’ve lost my mind.  Yes, I have hated the advertising that GoDaddy used early in their business career.  They have been trying to improve and have a hosting plan for non-profits.

I also came to the realization that using Bootstrap wasn’t a whole lot different than using .NET 

Waiting for the board to suggest changes before I make it public.  Though the new site is live.


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