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April 2016

iPhone progress

I am definitely keeping the iPhone.

Yes, I still have a SIM in a Windows phone so I haven't completely abandoned it, but I'm probably going to give one of my Lumnia 950s to my husband.

The apps on the iPhone are easier to use, though there are a few I things I haven

And I'm using a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone and with one button can switch it to the Windows phone.

I wrote this post as a email.

Sent from Outlook Mobile. Yes, it works with gmail.

Yes, I am crossing to the dark side

I went to the Apple Store yesterday and came home with an iPhone.  I haven’t completed given up on Windows yet, I’m still have a SIM card in a Lumina 950 XL – and use it for my work account.

Windows phone is still hands down for doing Office apps, but I haven’t done much with the iPhone yet.

I do have 15 days to completely decide.

I still LOVE my Surfaces.  I just wish more technology supported the Windows phone.

I’m even going to dabble with writing some apps.