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Microsoft Dock for Windows Phone is Awesome

I’m using a full monitor, keyboard and mouse with my Lumia phone to post this entry.
It is an email message, but it’s still great. I’ve got the monitor, keyboard and mouse from my Mac mini hooked, primarily because they were the handiest. It’s not something I’ll use often, but great for setting up something new.


And because I can here’s an affiliate link from Amazon:

It would fit well in a go bag with keyboard mouse.

Even better if I were presenting on the road, since I do have portable keyboards and mice I can use. According to how you look at it, fortunately or unfortunately I don’t do that any more.
Doesn’t mean if I won’t in the future, but a few people turned me off on it totally and it did involve a lot of social anxiety.
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It seems that all phases of my life have been suffering from frustration. 

The dogs (see the dog blog).



I started to do what I thought was a simple change and found out that the project isn’t as upward compatible as we would like.  A lot of the old code needs to be refreshed and modernized, and I’m not up for the task.

I have pushed at it, but it refuses to budge.

So I’m taking a break and working on some of the things I’ve been learning. 


So I have set up – which is hosted on Azure and got it working with Jekyll.  This is a sandbox I can play in for a while.


I’ve been meaning to update the American Beagle Rescue Network site for a long time. to be easier to maintain, and be a .NET website.  So I have started on that.

I’m not leaving Open Live Writer entirely, as it is my favorite tool, and hopefully will be working with Jekyll soon.



There are all kinds of ways to work through frustrations – sometimes working at them sideways works.  Usually does for me.