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Really enjoying working on the Open Source project

Git and I still aren’t friends but I’m getting there

I am still working on Open Live Writer, and in fact, am listed as a contributor for Version 0.60

I’ve even created a pull on a code change, but I’m not sure it will be accepted.  They are currently having a slight disagreement on how the program should behave.  It’s a minor change, just changed some text that is displayed in a dialog box.

However, I’ve done the following:

Created testplans – and I need to modify the corresponding test plan if it is accepted

I’ve tested all of the outstanding pulls so far.  That’s pretty easy, because they have an associated build and I just need to reinstall.  I have missed a few in the process, but other people tested those.

I’ve created documentation and some blog posts on the main site.

I’ve learned a lot about Jekyll and rake files and have been testing changes made by another contributor to the website.

I’m learning markdown – a lot of time the hard way.

Those are all tasks that I did at my old job -- except that they never let me touch code.

It’s a pretty satisfying life – I’m not sure I could afford to do this without my husband, but I’m getting teacher retirement money, I’m teaching – part time, remotely, and I’m working on a project I enjoy.

The best things about working on Open Live Writer if that the team is great – they are truly welcoming and accept the contributions I want to make,  and it’s a project I use on a frequent basis.  In fact, I’m using it to write this post.


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