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January 2016

Working on Open Live Writer

Primiarily, this is a test post, making sure that the latest version didn’t break anything.  So far, it is looking good.

I’ve learned a lot about Open Live Writer in writing the test plans.  I wasn’t doing half of what it was capable of.

However, I need to learn a lot more.

Updating Open Live Writer

I will admit I still don’t understand the code yet  --  but I spent the holiday week creating test plans.  I think I have plans for most of the dialog boxes.  I had the majority of them in a pull request that was merged this morning.  I had a few more that I hadn’t merged yet, but put them in pull requests this morning.

I freely admit that GitHub and I aren’t friends, but we’re talking.  I don’t entirely understand the process but I am getting there, thus I don’t trust it yet.

Give me another week and I think I will be more comfortable with it.