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December 2015

Making Peace with Git and GitHub

I haven’t had to do a lot with source control.  I have source control setup on my local server, but it’s Subversive which is a good way to start.

I’ve always had a bit of trouble wrapping my head around source control, I love it, but I’ve come late to the party.

So as I’ve blogged before, I’m working on an Open Source project.  Right now, I’d doing what I do best, doing error checking, writing test plans, and documentation.  I’ve even looked into some code.

I’m proud of myself as I have been able to create my own branches, add test plans, and consolidate the branches.  When the other people get back from their breaks, I’ll do another push.  I’ve done two pushes so far that have been accepted the project.


Was talking with an acquitance and updated him on my status and told him I was retiring.

“No! You are too young to retire”

So when I replied, “I’m semi-retired, I still teach but part time, I still work on programming projects but on my own schedule and my own choice” he was cool with that.

Which is fine, because I’m way cool over that!

And yes, I’m testing OpenLiveWriter.

Open Source–Major breakthrough

As I’ve mentioned before, OpenLiveWriter was released as open source on December 9. 

I found some typos in the documentation and raised an issue – which they fixed.

I’ve proposed and started a test plan, which has been accepted into the documentation.

I like the people I’m working work so far, and learning a lot, especially how to work with GitHub.

I’m going to try a code fix next.

Testing OpenLive Writer

So in the future I will be doing a lot of test posts.  I’ll try to say something like that in the title and delete the post.

I’m enjoying contributing to an Open Source project.  At this point, I’m primarily checking other people’s work, like today and looking for bugs.  I’ve found a few typos in documentation and some missing web pages.  I’m also trying to develop a good test plan and write documentation for that.

Right now, I’m making sure that new code hasn’t broken anything so there are some random things in the rest of the post.

Retirement is Interesting

I mentioned a group the other day that retirement was hard.  Here’s the deal.  I didn’t plan retiring – and I still have a really cool part time job doing exactly what I like.  The bonus is that I can do it anywhere I have good internet access – though that can be a problem traveling.

I didn’t plan retiring, it kind of just happened.  I was removed from my classroom because of a classroom management issue.  It was supposed to be investigated, but it never was.  It had been I would have been cleared.

I decided to go back into the technology space, and did.  Quite successfully.  Unfortunately Google bought the company out, and afterwards, just didn’t find what I wanted to do full time.

It was okay though because my husband had to have brain surgery and recover from a brain injury.   Being between jobs was great, because I had to get him to rehab most of the time.   It would have been really hard if I had to work full time.  As it was, I was able to increase my part time hours.

Once he recovered and had been back on the job for several months, and I’d gone through the interview process a few times, we decided that my retiring wasn’t a bad thing.  I am eligible for full retirement from teaching on December 31, including insurance, so that’s where I am going.

The income is less than half of what I was making as a teacher, but that’s okay too.  I don’t have quite the expenses, I put a lot of money in my classroom, especially for robotics.

The question is what do you do with yourself?  Especially since I have a pretty good education. 

I’ve explored a lot of options – being a volunteer teacher didn’t work out – having someone who hasn’t been in the classroom since high school trying to tell me what to do wasn’t good.  

Right now though, I’m in a really good place.

I get to do the very thing I’ve been passionate about for years – teach computer science and web design to talented and gift students – Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

I am doing my own version of Extreme Makeup Weight Loss.  First, it isn’t extreme.  I have memberships at Planet Fitness and Sunstone FIT (which is a Yoga/Exercise studio) and the local pool.  I’m doing things at my own pace and feel good.

I’m a patient at Baylor Dental College, which so far is working out.  I have appointments in January with the graduate school and with a regular student.  Already my mouth is better – they got me to go back to a local dentist change and have a crown fixed which makes my bite better. 

I’m currently working on an open source project and I’ve already contributed to it in a small way.  It’s one of my favorite programs, and Open Live Writer.

Patiently waiting for the retirement insurance and pay checks.

Oh, and an official retirement party is happening on January 15th, Blue Mesa at Northwest Highway.

Of course, if the absolute right gig would come knocking on the door, I would be all over it.  I do enjoy having my own full paycheck.  The last job was great – 15 minutes from the house, attached to the local mall.

Making Progress

In a hurry because I have a yoga class soon, but I mananged to review GIT yesterday enough so that I could clone Open Live Writer and run it from my own computer.

I’ve also been keeping up with all of the fixes so far.

Blogging from my personal copy of Open Live Writer.

Except I got an error when I posted this.  But it posted it fine.

Doing more with semi-retirement

Today is a bit backward since none of the yoga studios near me have a class I want to take until 12:15.  

Of course, I’ve done Johns Hopkins work – finished a student, sent out progress reports and set up things for new students.

Some light IT things – going through Open Live Writer documation, updated my license for Visual Studio 2015 and looking at git.  It’s been awhile and the only things I ever did with git was to clone someone else’s work.

I am hoping to get into more of the Open Live Writer since obviously it’s a tool I love.

Open Live Writer is up

I know I have been living under the technology rock as I didn’t see this one coming at all.  I’ve signed up to be a oontributer and contributing right now by posting this.

I like blogging and I prefer Typepad because it works and you don’t have to do anything.  Yes, you do get what you pay for.  For years I used their original service and moved to Typepad (wasn’t it SixApart), because updating was such a drag.  It’s been bought and sold a few times.

I may have a bug report as blogging with the theme didn’t seem to be working, but I’ll give it a try later.

So far, it looks very much like the old Live Writer which was a great app by Microsoft – yes, you can blog online, you can blog using Word, but Live Writer always rocked.

Good job!

And you can find it at  Fairly quick download and fairly quick set up.  Works well with Typepad.

First Open Live Writer Issue Resolved

I found a typo in the FAQs while looking through the documentation.  Reported and it got fixed.  Something I’d liked to start getting involved in.

Also want to start working on code.  Would love to see a mobile version too.

I found my first issue when I set up my blog.  It might be related to another issue, but not sure.  Then I spotted the typo so reported it first.

Feels good to have Open Live Writer up and feeling like I am contributing in some small way.