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November 2015

Loving my new Lumnia 970

Of course, anyone who knows me well will know where I was at 9:00 am this morning.

Yeah, the ATT Store picking up the new Windows 10 Phone.

I chose the smaller phone because I've dropped my 1520 several times and shattered the screen.

I've run the preview a few times and wasn't real pleased with it, but the issues have been ironed out. My favorite thing is far is how the Nokia Treasure Tags are supported. I picked up two Mini Treasure tags last week for free -- they were under $5.00 and I had a quite a few dollars in Amazon credits, so it was worth playing with them.

RIght now, I have 2 mini Tags and 4 regular Tags connected to the phone, which is quite awesome.

The next thing I am really pleased with is the ability to use my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with it. In fact, I'm writing this blog entry using both. Something I have ALWAYS wanted to do,

So far, all my others apps are working but haven't really had a chance to have a full user experience.