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October 2015

Retirement Rocks

It is taking me quite a while to get here -- and I'm not completely retired -- I have a really cool part time job.

I'm still working for Johns Hopkins -- I've been with them over a year and in fact am taking my first vacation from them -- will have a sub for three days.  I teach 5 courses for them:

  • Advanced Scratch
  • Java I
  • Java II
  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Advanced Web Design

It's interesting -- most of the time I average about an hour a day but it is seven days a week.  In the summer it frequently went up to 5 hours a day, but not every day. 

I have one web client who I host and do her web design for her.  I also consult with her on a regular basis on the best way to do her business with a computer.

I have another client who swears she needs help with a web site I set up for her a couple of summers ago, but she updates it just fine.

I also do computer stuff for a non-profit -- we raise money for beagle rescue.  That's been a lot of fun and I recently did a project for them that was fun, I'll do again, but would do it a lot differently.

I'm doing very little face to face tutoring.  In fact, I've turned the inactive flag on and I'm really only working with one student - but I think she's coming to the same place I am.

A lot of my recent experiences have shown me what not to do.

My last paid gig was working on a mobile payment app which I loved the work, but not the people so much.  I've done quite a few job interviews since and I'm completely over that.

That whole job interview stress thing is why I'm not into the face-to-face tutoring -- that whole getting to know new people and trying to please them -- yeah, I'm over wanting to do that. 

I'm also not into teaching people I don't know for free.  Tried that one day but the biggest problem with that was the person I was working with was too controlling.  Seriously: someone who hasn't gone to one college class is trying to tell a person with a master's degree in education and 20+ years of experience how and what to do? 

I'm certainly into working with someone I know to set up a website they can update.  I'm even into do a flat page thing and hosting it, like I do for the one client.  But doing that full time, not really into that at all.  If I know you and you want to learn something from me -- hey, ask, I'll probably make the time and probably won't even charge.

My next explorations include learning how to do Windows 10 things and how to do mobile responsive websites, starting with my own. 

And teaching for Johns Hopkins.

Wow! GoDaddy nonProfit Hosting rocks

I'm on the board of the American Beagle Relief Fund.  We raise money to support rescues who rescue beagles.

I found TechSoup, because I was looking for non-profit hosting for Microsoft's Office 365 program.  Which rocks by the way.

TechSoup listed GoDaddy as a non-profit supporter so I signed up for their free web hosting.  It took awhile to get all the paper work going, but I got a call this evening from one of their management people.


He had setup everything for me and we're up and running with the non-profit under it's own GoDaddy account and hosting.

Everything bad I've thought of GoDaddy just got erased.