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I stand with Ahmed - DON'T SHOP IN IRVING



Deeply Edited most of the caffeine has left the brain.

Dang, You go out of town for a few days and the next door neighborhood goes nuts.

I'm on the Irving cop side.  They aren't the bad guys in this at all.  Irving has always had cool cops, especially when Aubrey Hawkins was there.  He'd had stood up with Ahmed.  He was an amateur radio operator and he would have built that.  But most cops aren't Aubrey.

Most cops on the force are guys whose going to go with the principal.  But cuffing 14 year old kids that aren't fighting isn't.

Back in the day when I was writing K9 Police protocols and policy I learned this is all wrong.  Now to cuff Ahmed, they have to have probable cause that he was going to harm someone.  I don't think they had probable cause.  They had a box of junk.

Here's who is wrong:

The first teacher who saw the device.  I seriously went through this time and time again.  Kid brings me something to show me, heck Jay Urish did it all the time.  He'd bring me a new ham radio (well, new old one), and I would admire the piece and then gently say:

"Jay, I don't want anything to happen to that.  We're putting in the closet, it's right here.  Here's a note in case I get called away so the custodian will give it back if I get called away."

Then I'd write him a pass to come to me at the end of the day, and a note to get him if he didn't come.


The next person is the principal.  He is supposed to be acting in loco parentis.  Which simply means acting in the absence of the parent.

That principle should know his kids.  If he doesn't know his kids that school is too big.  We had a nice small school and the luxury of principals who had come from elementary.  Every principal in that school knew our kids, especially the frequent flyers.

Ahmed is NOT a frequent flyer. 

I stand with Ahmed.