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July 2015

Finally found the perfect tablet

I love the size of most tablets, but I haven't found one I liked.

iPads have been returned. Androids have been returned. I liked Kindles but I can't do work on them. I have been able to stand, but not really like a Samsung tablet. I don't really like or trust android.

I liked my Surface 2 RT, but traded it in on a Surface Pro 3, along with a Surface Pro.

So what do I have? Yeah, a Surface 3. I've gone so far as to get a port for it. Here's what I have – yes, I bought it yesterday – I have the 64 gig version with LTE – ATT and yes I've had an account with them since the 90's. I've tried Verzon, Sprint and TMobile, but have never been happy with the coverage. Let's face it ATT has the Dallas area covered.

I've been able to grade student work on it while out. I love the almost instant wireless, though I've had that in the Kindle's and the Samsung. Very happy! Though it is a bit big.

Windows 10 for the phone sucks

I like Windows 10 desktop, but then I've always like Windows 8.  What happened to Windows 9?

Anyway, the mobile version sucks and I had a bad time getting rid of it and getting my Nokia 1520 working again.  It's currently installing its last good backup, and will take a while but its looking all good right now.

Sure thought it was bricked, to the point I was looking up the cost of the deductible.

Tutoring With Wyzant

I forgot how much fun tutoring face to face can be.

I have hit a spell with WyzAnt where I was ready to give up.  In fact, this reminds me that I need to ping a potential student and see if we can get started again.

I currently had two people contact me.

One is another WyzAnt tutor and she's gotten tired of the tutoring thing so needed help  branching out in a new business.  She and I had loads of fun together last week.

The second one is a parent of a 14 year old.  I thought she might be looking for someone to supervise the kiddo, because she was very cautious.  Wanted another background check which is fine, mine was a year old and  I paid for it.

He is so cool.  He really does want to learn how to make websites that work with databases.  So I am starting him out with the basics, we've started with both Java and HTML.  I am also answering questions as we go and he has so many good questions.

So if you want to learn programming and web design, we can do it face to face or online.