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June 2015

Just in the nick of time

I got a bill from the old web hosting service this morning billing me for next month.  However, I've got everyone moved over to Azure with no hitches.

The next things to do if to figure out the best way to edit things and convert them all to full .NET sites.  One was done with ExpressionWeb and is a flat site, and it's good the way it is.

The American Beagle Rescue Fund site needs to go to .NET for the web application I want to build.

The old host is fine if you don't want to do .NET

I've also reviewed how to set up a new MVC website, pretty easy stuff.  Next have to figure out how to reference an old site.

Using Azure to Host Websites

I want to move all my websites from a CPanel box to Azure because I ultimately want to host some applications there.

So I have working but their directions weren't clear.  I also have Network Solutions holding my names.

So here's what I had to do.  I had to change my Network Solutions account to go to Network Solutions.  Then I had to take my Websites from free to Shared or Basic.  I picked Basic.

Then I had to get the IP address from the portal, and use it for my ANames.  Then I had to go in and put in the right cnames in.  I ended up with this:



Which is confusing because Network Solutions website added the period at the end and I didn't realize I needed the A names for both and

Working beautifully now.

Retirement Paperwork was received!

The Texas Teacher Retirement System finally received my paperwork!  I'm all set for retirement pay now, AND it's only taken six months to make it happen.

I was able to pay for it with different 401B accounts, all of which are accounts that can't be touched until I'm much older unless I do the roll over.  I was also eligible because I taught technology courses.

I urge anyone who teaches a technology class to see if they are eligible and figure out how to pay for it.  I'm paying just around $30,000 to get two years of retirement at something over $29,000 + insurance for two years.

I may not make sense for everyone to retire this early BUT I do have some serious health issues that make teaching in a face-to-face classroom difficult.  I still teach part time for Johns Hopkins and really enjoy it.  I had a really busy day yesterday!


Retirement Transfers are still in limbo.  I've contacted MetLife, and haven't seen any movement :-(

One of the things about working remotely for me, is I start feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything.  Here are my priorities:

  • Work out every day -- cardio and weights.  I go to a local Planet Fitness and then to the city pool.  Sometimes I have to skip one or the other.
  • Do Johns Hopkins stuff first thing in the morning.  That's check email, start new students, etc.
  • I have a dilemma but it might resolve itself tomorrow -- the pool has been full of kids in the afternoon.  I want to use my mornings for work, me stuff, housecleaning, etc. and then go workout.  I think it would be better if the workout happened after lunch.
  • Train the dogs.  I don't want to get a new dog until I get regular dog training back in the schedule for the existing dogs.

Tutoring for WyzAnt hasn't been working out well lately, it seems that most of the people signing up for it this year are deadbeats.

Another priority is to get back to programming myself.