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May 2015

Still working on the retirement transfer

It will soon be six months since I started on this.  I am working on the last rollover.

The good news, Texas Teacher retirement system has all the money I need.

The bad news, is the supporting paperwork is missing.  They can't process it until they have everything.  I have a copy of the necessary paperwork, but not the required signatures.

Just sent an email so hopefully it will get resolved soon.


Excited about Johns Hopkins and the summer

This will be my first full summer teaching for Johns Hopkins.  While courses go on over the school year, our highest course load is the summer.

By the way, if you have a student who is gifted and talented, check it out -- just do a search on Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth or click here.

Two students are starting in the next few days, one in Java tomorrow and one in Introduction to Web Design.  I have six students starting in the next few weeks in Java I, four in Intro to Web Design and 1 in Advanced Web Design.

Looks like a fun summer!


New Computer

I bought a beast.  Lenovo All-In-One B50-30.  I7 processor, 12 gig ram, and I think it weighs 35 pounds.

Reasoning:  I'm doing most of my tutoring online these days and I am wanting to get back into the App game.  I even have a good idea for one.

How:  Microsoft Store.  I made three appointments: one for a personal shopper, one was a class on my Microsoft band, and one was how to build an app in an hour.  I spaced things out so I had an hour for lunch.

So I looked at everything that had in stock, and then took the Microsoft band class.  It is good, fairly close to up to date, seeing as how Microsoft has been releasing new software in the last few weeks for the Band. 

Then I went to lunch.

The whole time mulling over how much I had to spend, how much computer I wanted, and what I wanted. 

Then I did the app class, and made my final decision.  I balanced what I had -- one fairly old laptop that was completely loaded at the time, a Surface three Pro, and what I wanted to do.

A few times I've been frustrated, but updating the drivers and OS have seem to solve most of them.

The hardest part has been figuring how to arrange my desk.  I still need my Mac Mini, as I get the occasionally student that needs help running their Mac.  My desktop is fairly new, though cheap.  I also find some problems with compatibility when I need to do Android app stuff, so having that desktop is good.