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Typical Johns Hopkins Day

John Hopkins CTY Gig

It's funny.  When people ask me where I work these days I don't always remember that I do.

Partly because it's limited to 28 hours, and I work from home, I don't think it's a job.

One of the reasons I'm posting about it today, is that I'm finding it's a great place for students to come for extra.  Extra technology if it isn't offered at their school, but technology isn't the only subject.   They offer just about every subject your student would want.

They have a great summer program.  One of them is on a college campus -- I'm not involved with it.  They also have an online program.

Here's why it's great for your kid.  There are instructors for each course who are assigned a small group of students.  We contact the parents on a regular basis.  The computer spits out a progress report and we send it out.  We also get a no-contact email, so I immediately contact the parent and let them know that the student hasn't done work.

I almost always get assignments right away -- Johns  Hopkins CTY isn't cheap.

The great part is that we offer an AP program both summer and throughout the school year, so your student can take and pass an AP course.

Check it out.

Best yet -- I'm getting to write courses with them.


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