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Why I am SO frustrated with @typepad

I have been blogging since February 2003.  I started with Movable Type, and self hosted.  That was hard, because every time there was an update, especially a security one, I had to stop what I was doing and update the software. 

I went to @typepad when the Movable Type people came up with the service, and I pay pretty good money to keep my blogs there.  I didn’t have to run updates, they had cool design tools, and it was easy.  I’ve even urged other people to use it. 

However, while I can export my posts, there is no utility to easily get to my data. 

Now it is 2014 and there are cyber pirates hijacking sites.  They suffered a DOS attack a few weeks, and I’m mad as I should have been backing up my data.  I have all my other data backed up.

I also should be self-hosting right now, as I am job hunting, hosting full websites for others, and need to show off my capabilities.

So now instead of working on the new project, I’m having to deal with this.


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