Getting used to programming again
Trying to decide if I want to keep something

Today’s goal–Decide if I want to keep a laptop

I’ve been downsizing.  I’ve already sold two machines. 

One was a Windows 8 Lenovo without a touch screen.  I bought it when my Sony failed.  It was cheap and I got most of my money back selling it on email.

I sold my Asus Touch Screen.  I got it when I got scared to move my Sony machine around – the touch screen cracked when I moved it.  It had a couple of dents, and I did pretty good on it.

By the way, I didn’t try to sell them on Ebay on myself.  I’ve never had much luck but the guy who runs my mailbox service does Ebay pretty extensively as and I’ve been happy with the service.  Besides, he is already equipped to ship.

I’m trying to decide if I want to sell that Sony.

To start with I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 that works.  It doesn’t have a big hard drive, but then I have an extensive collection of Thumbdrives and External drives.  Yeah, said.  I am a neat hoarder with limits.  My problem is that I can’t stand to throw anything away.  Sometime because the next ham radio sell, I should go through, wipe them and then see if I can get someone to add them to their booth.

Back to the Sony.  Things don’t work right on.  I can do something on the Yoga but it doesn’t work on the laptop.  Plus I’m afraid the screen will crack again.

I’d like something that has as many pixels as my surface but with a huge hard drive.  I’m really looking for something that has a Hybrid Drive.  There are two Lenovo’s I really like.

Another option is just to make the Yoga my main computer and settle for the Surface as my going around computer.  Scott Hanselman would LOVE this model as it has regular HDMI output. 

So I wiped the Sony yesterday and trying to figure out if if the way I had it configured is the problem. 


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