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Tara blogged at My crazy life with my diabetic service dog.: Choosing to Disagree

 With the growing trend of people flocking to get diabetic alert dogs I have also seen a growing trend of bad ideas from people training their own diabetic alert dogs. Recently I was on an online forum and a young woman was asking questions about alerts for her diabetic alert dog. I know she said she wanted the dog to alert by barking.

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I can't agree more.  Sad part about using a beagle for a diabetes alert dog is that everyone DOES expecct her to bark at me.

Yes, beagles can be noisy.  The ones that are ignored.   I do have a very noisy beagle, but she's a rescue, and had to learn one volume to survive, and hasn't unlearned it.

I have another beagle, Macy, who makes noise when she is unhappy.

However, Dulce rarely barks, and when she does, I immediately drop everything to see what is going on. 

Alert dogs should not be barking.


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