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Remote Desktop to Two Machines

Monitors can be too big

I’m getting used to it though.  My 19” monitor – several years old went out, and I bought a new one at Office Depot.  They had a 21” monitor for $119.99 but when I took the tag up to the cashier, he brought out a 23” monitor and said they were out of the 21”.

So I took it home (oh, and he charged me $119.99).

And I also discovered I didn’t quite have things back in my office – I actually knew I hadn’t bothered to put speakers on my 2nd PC upstairs – I know – some of you guys do a double or triple setup with one PC, but I prefer to work with Sygery and use multiple computers with my own clouds. 

Had a Windows Home Server for years, acquired a Buffalo server.  The WHS died, but I replaced it with a Iomega device, I keep expecting it to fail.  I recently got a Western Digital MyCloud which plays very nicely with my mobile devices.

Anyway, I got my speakers hooked up to the second PC again.


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