Posting Recipes to One Note and then Syncing to my Phone
I am finally getting some “round to its”

Just updated my Lenovo Yoga to 8 gb of RAM

I remember when 8 bits was a lot….

Yes, I’m old.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading this machine almost since the day I got it.  I went to the local Microsoft Store and was going to get a Surface Pro, and they talked me into this machine.  They didn’t have the 8gb version, just the 4 and I’ve been thinking of the upgrade for a while.

Good news about waiting – it was cheaper.

I’m still thinking of upgrading the solid state drive but that still scares me.  You have to take off the keyboard, unplug it and take off the case.

This was bad enough.

Of course, the longer I wait, the cheaper the drives get.  They are down to about $80 for a 126 gig.  I know because I had it ordered from Amazon and chickened out.

There are lots of other sites that will tell you how to do the upgrade.  I watched a video and then followed written instructions.


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