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I have sold several laptops, and was trying to decide what I wanted to stick with.  II;’ve decided to keep my Yoga but upgrade its memory.  I have tried a new laptop, not so much and was thinking about a new desktop, but can’t find what I want at a price I want to spend.

I have decided to sell my Surface RT, but cant decide which Surface I want.  I have a Surface Pro 128 gig I love, bought it yesterday but wasn’t sure how it would be out and about.  It works, though a tad heavier and thicker and can do so much more than the RT.

It is wicked fast and I am trying to figure if $400 is worth it for faster, longer battery life and a few more pixels.  Not thinking so.

@MilestoneElectric and others–Get your scheduling act together

First, if I initiate contact through your website – DON’T CALL ME BACK unless I tell you to do.  Schedule the appointment through email.

Confirm the appointment in the morning.  If we scheduled on the phone, do it on the phone, if we used email, do it on email.

Let me know early in the window if the tech is going to run late.  You can call during the window.

But most of all, if you schedule from 11:00 – 2:00, don’t decide that 2-6 is fine with me without contacting me.

I hate doing 8:00 – 11:00 appointments because I like doing the gym thing first.

Had a Great Time Last Night

Went to the Dallas user group last night for the second time and had fun. Nerd fun.

@chrislove talked about his book and SPA, something I am interested in. He is a good speaker, and in the Dallas area for several events. Go if you have the chance.

They had dinner and an after party.

Computer Decisions

I was going to get a laptop.  I keep trying to stay away from the Surface 2 Pro.   Most of the time, my Surface RT 2 does what I need when I'm out and about and it fits in my "Mary Poppins" bag.

Now I'm leaning towards a desktop -- why?  I can remote into any of my computers just fine with the Surface.

I know I want 8 gig, just don't know if I want Dell or Lenovo.  Won't have to worry about odd wireless cards that way.

Remote Desktop to Two Machines

Will probably have three computers set up before I’m done.

I went to

to figure out most of it.  But I couldn’t figure out the firewall settings until I went here:

Why?  I go out and about with my Surface RT and it can’t run programs.  Every once in a while I want to do something that Surface can’t.  Thus, I remote in, sort of what Scott Hanselman talked about here:

I’ve done the Azure thing too, but right now it’s cheaper to use my own machines.

Monitors can be too big

I’m getting used to it though.  My 19” monitor – several years old went out, and I bought a new one at Office Depot.  They had a 21” monitor for $119.99 but when I took the tag up to the cashier, he brought out a 23” monitor and said they were out of the 21”.

So I took it home (oh, and he charged me $119.99).

And I also discovered I didn’t quite have things back in my office – I actually knew I hadn’t bothered to put speakers on my 2nd PC upstairs – I know – some of you guys do a double or triple setup with one PC, but I prefer to work with Sygery and use multiple computers with my own clouds. 

Had a Windows Home Server for years, acquired a Buffalo server.  The WHS died, but I replaced it with a Iomega device, I keep expecting it to fail.  I recently got a Western Digital MyCloud which plays very nicely with my mobile devices.

Anyway, I got my speakers hooked up to the second PC again.

pip install in Python

So tonight I was reading and following the Python Developers Guide and it said to install Sphinx.  I clicked on the link to Sphinx and it was down.

So then I went to #pyladies for help and someone told me to manually install it. 

Couldn’t get that to work so someone else came and said that all I had to do was to type in:

pip install Sphinx

It worked.

Seems there is a whole list of stuff at that you can install that way.  Better formatted at



Not doing the FOSS Outreach for Woman Intership

However, it is still accomplishing its task.  I got all excited about it last week and started jumping through the hoops.  Fun hoops to jump through by the way.  I didn’t realize until today that it was a “full time job” and I already have one.

So how I am going to go back and work through the hoops slowly, making sure I haven’t missed a step in my rush, and I am going to continue to work on Python/Windows bugs.

So they got a woman interested in FOSS, and Python got someone interested in putting out Windows bugs.  And they got another person who was curious about Python more interested it.

And the next time I get asked “what is your favorite programming language”, I’ll still say: what do you want me to do?

I might even pick COBOL.

Trying to decide if I want to keep something

I brought home a really nice computer from BestBuy.  A Lenovo.   Only problem is that the wireless sucks.

I’m on wired and it is working very well.  Very fast computer.

I’m switching over to wireless, and we’ll see.

It’s a Lenovo U530, has 8gig of ram and 1T of hybrid drive.

And yes, that means the old computer went up on Ebay.

Today’s goal–Decide if I want to keep a laptop

I’ve been downsizing.  I’ve already sold two machines. 

One was a Windows 8 Lenovo without a touch screen.  I bought it when my Sony failed.  It was cheap and I got most of my money back selling it on email.

I sold my Asus Touch Screen.  I got it when I got scared to move my Sony machine around – the touch screen cracked when I moved it.  It had a couple of dents, and I did pretty good on it.

By the way, I didn’t try to sell them on Ebay on myself.  I’ve never had much luck but the guy who runs my mailbox service does Ebay pretty extensively as and I’ve been happy with the service.  Besides, he is already equipped to ship.

I’m trying to decide if I want to sell that Sony.

To start with I have a Lenovo Yoga 13 that works.  It doesn’t have a big hard drive, but then I have an extensive collection of Thumbdrives and External drives.  Yeah, said.  I am a neat hoarder with limits.  My problem is that I can’t stand to throw anything away.  Sometime because the next ham radio sell, I should go through, wipe them and then see if I can get someone to add them to their booth.

Back to the Sony.  Things don’t work right on.  I can do something on the Yoga but it doesn’t work on the laptop.  Plus I’m afraid the screen will crack again.

I’d like something that has as many pixels as my surface but with a huge hard drive.  I’m really looking for something that has a Hybrid Drive.  There are two Lenovo’s I really like.

Another option is just to make the Yoga my main computer and settle for the Surface as my going around computer.  Scott Hanselman would LOVE this model as it has regular HDMI output. 

So I wiped the Sony yesterday and trying to figure out if if the way I had it configured is the problem.